A New Life

Recently I went back to Atlanta for the weekend. I lived in the ATL for most of my adulthood. I actually received Christ there in early 2000. But I also rebelled from God at one point and gravitated back to the world. I was in the bar and club scene and the reason I am bringing this up in this blog  is because during my visit there, I was staying in the same area where all of this occurred. No worries though because this time around I am firmly planted in him. My wife was with me and that part of my life is dead. I was dead to things that once had me bound.

I look back and I thank God for sending His Son Jesus Christ to die for me and to make me aware of His love for me even though I was at that time more interested in the world and all it had to offer. I am free now in Him and I no longer have a desire to do those things I once was ashamed of. I wrote this blog for the lost sheep who are on the fence and wondering how did you fall back into the world? Well let me tell you something, since you made Jesus your Savior, you have had a bulls-eye on your back. The enemy has been studying you like a lion waiting on its prey. The moment you are defenseles, is the moment you become his lunch. But God already knew you would make a mistake just like Peter did when he denied our Lord and Savior. What happened with Peter can happen for you.

All you need to do is repent and get back on track. Forget your past and go towards your future. That is what I did the day I said “No More”! I had gone far enough without the Lord. I simply just came back to him. He was there with open arms and I guarantee you that if you are reading this right now, he is waiting with open arms for you as well. As I look back on that weekend, I see the victory I truly have in Christ Jesus.

                                         This is the apartment I was living in at that time.

Image result for doc's food and spirits

This is the bar I hung out in every night. Thank God for deliverance!!

This is my life now in Christ Jesus with my beautiful wife Treisa Lee. I am much happier now than I have ever been before. God is good and He is merciful and loving. Let Him love on you by coming back and living for him.

© Kingdom Now Ministries



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  1. Ozzie Lee says:

    Very good. He cares for you.


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