Here I am Lord, Use Me!!

The other day I went to Walmart to pick up a few items. While I was there, Holy Spirit instructed me to pass out a few tracts. I keep them handy on me so that I can give them out to people. I noticed this one lady who had already went through the checkout line with her son. What caught my attention was how she was putting a shirt on him. By the time I made it to my vehicle, I saw that she had parked in the space next to my car. I obeyed the Holy Spirit and handed her a tract and told her that God loves and has a wonderful plan for her life. What I saw next, made my heart go out to her. Because when she turned around, I saw a huge black eye on her face.


Image result for black woman with black eye(This is not the actual person in the story.)


I knew then why the Holy Spirit had unctioned me to hand her a tract and say those words to her. It was obvious that she was in an abusive relationship. I prayed for her as she drove away and every since then, I can not seem to get that encounter out of my head. Domestic violence is a serious problem in our country. It must be addressed by the church and the community. There are so many women that deal with this issue. My point in writing this blog is to stir up believers everywhere to share the message of God’s love with people everywhere they go. You may be the person called to give someone an encouraging word or some good news that could change their destiny.

Thank God, I did not use the excuse of how I did not have time to say anything to this lady. Thank God I was not too busy to notice that people need the gospel. Thank God I did not have my head buried in the phone. Thank God, I carry around tracts to give to others. Thank God he used me to show his love for her and invite her into the kingdom of God. She may not have gotten saved in that interaction but at least a seed of love was planted in her heart. I pray this letter stirs you up to be the hands, feet and mouthpiece for Jesus Christ and his glorious kingdom.

God bless!!

© Kingdom Now Ministries



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